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What is a Registered Agent? Every Corporation, LLC or Limited Partnership conducting business in Virginia must designate a Registered Agent who is generally available at a given location during the business day to accept law suits and official notices.

Our Registered Agent Services: We have been appointed as the Registered Agent for thousands of entities, for our business clients and other entities. If we set up your business entity, we will serve as its Virginia Registered Agent at no additional charge for the first year. Other entities, especially foreign entities (businesses which are not chartered in Virginia but which are conducting business in Virginia) must qualify to do business with the Virginia State Corporation Commission and appoint a Virginia Registered Agent. Many businesses choose us to be their Virginia Registered Agent because we have a flawless record, very reasonable rates, and offer personalized, cost effective Registered Agent services.

If we get served with a lawsuit for your company, we will do whatever we can to immediately notify you and forward the papers to you. We can also discuss representing you in the legal matter, should the need arise.

Please Contact Us to discuss appointing us as your Virginia Registered Agent. You must set up a Registered Agent relationship with us before you can appoint us as your Registered Agent.


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